What Happened To Phillip Mena On Early Today Show? Fans Worried As Host Is Missing Today (2024)

What Happened To Phillip Mena On Early Today Show? Fans Worried As Host Is Missing Today (1)

Philip Mena is the current co-host of NBC's Early Today show. Since 2017, he has co-hosted the show with Frances Rivera. And his unexplained disappearance has left his followers baffled.

Philip Mena, the co-host of NBC's Early Today, is currently away from the show, which has sparked a slew of rumors about him.

Some believe he is on paternity leave, while others believe he is now looking for another job. The reality, however, will be disclosed only when the reporter himself announces the news to his fans and followers.

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Who Is Phillip Mena On Early Today Show?

Phillip Mena is the new co-host of NBC's first news broadcast of the day, Early Today. His followers are confused over his disappearance from the show since he is replaced by another anchor in mid-January.

The anchor joined Early Today in November 2017 and was a regular co-host with Frances Rivera.

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By the time most people are getting out of bed, he has co-hosted four distinct live programs, one for each time zone in the United States. Mena would already be filming parts by 2:40 a.m. and greeting viewers with co-host Frances Rivera at 6:30 a.m.

When queried about his experience shootingNBC'sfirst-day news broadcast, Mena remarked, "It is an unusual way to enjoy the day, no doubt.

"However, when I'm on my way home, I feel incredibly accomplished while everyone else is just starting started, he mentioned onNBCnews.

Mena was doing well in his profession, but his unexpected absence from the show without an announcer has left his admirers perplexed.

We believed he was on paternity leave based on his Instagram post.

Mena begins the new year 2022 with a gratitude post for the year 2021, which brought him a lot of good things. Over the summer, he married the most lovely and hardworking woman.

In addition, he became the step-father of a small girl and announced that he will soon become the father of another daughter.

He may have taken some time off to be with his family and care for his pregnant wife, who is expecting this year. But it is just an assumption and more precise details will be followed soon.

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Phillip Mena Is The Anchor Of Early Today Host For Over Five Years

Phillip Mena has been the co-host of NBC's News program, Early Today for over five years now. A native of El Pasoan began his journalism career at Channel 9-KTSM in his hometown.

"He was a down-to-earth kind of man." "He was eager to learn the ins and outs of being a reporter, and he had a wonderful rapport with the audience,"saidCharles (Chuck) DeBroder, chief meteorologist at KTSM El Paso.

Leon, yes indeed I saw him. I def agree, he's a hottie! I would say, "Woof!" Name is Phillip Mena, originally from El Paso. & he's on #Twitter at @phillipmenaNBC He's been over at #NBC #EarlyToday for nearly two years. You can read about him here: https://t.co/QlJZXnKj6V #uppers

— Lee Hawn 🏳️‍🌈 (@leeahawn) March 16, 2019

He also worked as a sports reporter there before becoming the primary anchor at KTSM. Then Mena relocated to Houston in 2012 where he joined Houston's KPRC.

During his tenure in Houston, Mena covered the West Texas explosion, NASA, and the Adrian Peterson child abuse case in Houston. Subsequently, he relocated to New York in May 2015 to work as anABCjournalist before joining NBC in 2017.

He is currently serving as the co-host of the popular news show alongside Frances Rivera.

People have theorized that his disappearance from the program indicates that he may be departing the show permanently. But he is still listed as the current on-air anchor of the show on the Wikipedia of Early Today.

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Phillip Mena Started His Journey As A Journalist From His Hometown El Paso

Philip Mena was born in the US, Texas-El Paso to his parents, where he started his career as a Journalist. His father was a worker in a supermarket while his mother was a school secretary at that time.

However, when Mena grew up, his parents returned to school to acquire their college degrees, emphasizing the importance of knowledge. Mena's mother now works as an occupational therapist, while his father is a teacher.

According toNBCNews, Mena was preoccupied with athletics as a child, not journalism. He attended the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) for one semester before dropping out due to a lack of motivation.

"Chalk it up to being 19, 20, years old and having no concentration," he recounted.

A visit to Arizona State University with a buddy prompted him to pursue his study. Mena entered, expecting to pursue a career in sports journalism.

He earned a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in 2008.

The 41 years of anchor soon rose through the ranks to become an anchor, reporting from all around the area on the drug war in Mexico, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and the trial of CIA-trained Cuban fugitive Luis Posada Carriles.

In addition to his professional life, he is heavily invested in his personal life. In 2021, he married the love of his life. He has one stepdaughter from her and is expecting another daughter.


What Happened To Phillip Mena On Early Today Show? Fans Worried As Host Is Missing Today (2024)
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