What Happened To Phillip Mena On Early Today Show? Fans Worried As Host Is Missing Today (2024)

Philip Mena, the co-host of NBC’s Early Today, is presently away from the show, which has started a large number of bits of hearsay about him.

Some accept he is on paternity leave, while others accept he is presently searching for another work. The truth, in any case, will be uncovered just when the columnist himself reports the news to his fans and supporters.

Who Is Phillip Mena On Early Today Show? Phillip Mena is the new co-host of NBC’s first news broadcast of the day, Early Today. His devotees are confounded over his vanishing from the show since he is supplanted by one more anchor in mid-January.

The anchor joined Early Today in November 2017 and was a normal co-have with Frances Rivera.

When a great many people are getting up, he has co-facilitated four particular live projects, one for each time region in the United States. Mena would as of now be shooting parts by 2:40 a.m. furthermore, welcoming watchers with co-have Frances Rivera at 6:30 a.m.

Whenever questioned about his experience shooting NBC’s first-day news broadcast, Mena remarked, “It is an uncommon method for partaking in the day, no question.

“Be that as it may, when I’m returning, I feel inconceivably refined while every other person is simply beginning begun, he referenced on NBCnews.

Mena was doing great in his calling, yet his unforeseen nonattendance from the show without a commentator has left his admirers confounded.

We accepted he was on paternity leave in light of his Instagram post.

Mena starts the new year 2022 with an appreciation post for the year 2021, which presented to him a great deal of beneficial things. Over the mid year, he wedded the most beautiful and dedicated lady.

What’s more, he turned into the progression father of a little kid and declared that he will before long turn into the dad of another girl.

He might have gotten some much needed rest to be with his family and care for his pregnant spouse, who is anticipating this year. However, it is only a presumption and more exact subtleties will be followed soon.

Phillip Mena Is The Anchor Of Early Today Host For Over Five Years Phillip Mena has been the co-host of NBC’s News program, Early Today for north of five years now. A local of El Pasoan started his reporting profession at Channel 9-KTSM in his old neighborhood.

“He was a sensible sort of man.” “He was anxious to get familiar with the intricate details of being a correspondent, and he had a superb affinity with the audience,” said Charles (Chuck) DeBroder, boss meteorologist at KTSM El Paso.

He additionally filled in as a games columnist there prior to turning into the essential anchor at KTSM. Then, at that point, Mena moved to Houston in 2012 where he joined Houston’s KPRC.

During his residency in Houston, Mena covered the West Texas blast, NASA, and the Adrian Peterson youngster misuse case in Houston. Therefore, he migrated to New York in May 2015 to fill in as an ABC columnist prior to joining NBC in 2017.

He is right now filling in as the co-host of the well known news show close by Frances Rivera.

Individuals have estimated that his vanishing from the program demonstrates that he might be withdrawing the show forever. Be that as it may, he is as yet recorded as the current live anchor of the show on the Wikipedia of Early Today.

Phillip Mena Started His Journey As A Journalist From His Hometown El Paso Philip Mena was born in the US, Texas-El Paso to his folks, where he began his vocation as a Journalist. His dad was a specialist in a supermarket while his mom was a school secretary around then.

Nonetheless, when Mena grew up, his folks got back to school to get their higher educations, stressing the significance of information. Mena’s mom currently functions as a word related specialist, while his dad is an educator.

As indicated by NBC News, Mena was engrossed with games as a kid, not reporting. He went to the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) for one semester prior to exiting because of an absence of inspiration.

“Credit it to being 19, 20, years of age and having no focus,” he related.

A visit to Arizona State University with a mate incited him to seek after his review. Mena entered, hoping to seek after a profession in sports reporting.

He procured a four year college education in news-casting and mass correspondence from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in 2008.

The 41 years of anchor before long rose through the positions to turn into an anchor, announcing from all over the region on the medication battle in Mexico, the Deepwater Horizon oil slick, and the preliminary of CIA-prepared Cuban outlaw Luis Posada Carriles.

Notwithstanding his expert life, he is vigorously put resources into his own life. In 2021, he wedded his first love. He has one stepdaughter from her and is anticipating another girl.

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What Happened To Phillip Mena On Early Today Show? Fans Worried As Host Is Missing Today (2024)
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