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Is Phillip Mena still on Early Today in 2023?

As of 2022, Early Today is currently anchored by Frances Rivera and Phillip Mena, but it’s difficult to predict whether or not Phillip Mena will still be a part of the show in the coming years.

However, let’s take a closer look at Phillip Mena’s career and his contributions to Early Today to understand his possible future with the show.

Who is Phillip Mena and How Long has He Been on Early Today?

Phillip Mena is an American journalist who has been a co-anchor on NBC’s show Early Today since 2016. Before joining Early Today, he started his career as a news reporter in his hometown of El Paso.

He then moved to New York and became a correspondent for NBC News.

Mena has been a part of Early Today for over five years and has become a staple anchor of the show alongside Frances Rivera. As of now, there is no official announcement regarding Phillip Mena’s future with the show beyond 2022.

Is Early Today still featuring Phillip Mena?

The answer to the question “is Phillip Mena still on Early Today?” is unclear at the moment. There is no official announcement made regarding Mena’s future with the show beyond 2022.

However, it is important to note that Mena has been a part of the show for over five years and has been a valuable co-anchor alongside Frances Rivera.

What are the Rumors Surrounding Phillip Mena’s Absence from Early Today?

Recently, Phillip Mena has been away from the show Early Today, sparking rumors about whether or not he will continue to be a co-anchor. However, the reasons for his absence have not been officially announced, so any rumors regarding his future on the show are purely speculation at this point.

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Is Phillip Mena Still on Early Today?

As of 2022, Phillip Mena is still one of the anchors of Early Today, which is NBC’s news program that airs in the early morning hours. He co-anchors the show with Frances Rivera.

However, there have been rumors circulating that Mena is currently away from the show. While these rumors have caused some confusion among viewers, it has not been officially confirmed whether Mena has permanently left the show or when he will be returning.

Phillip Mena’s Career in Broadcasting

Phillip Mena is a highly respected journalist who has had an impressive career in the broadcasting industry. He started his career in El Paso at Channel 9-KTSM and went on to work for various TV stations across the country, including KOB in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and KTRK in Houston, Texas.

In addition to his work on Early Today, Mena is also a correspondent for NBC News and has covered major events such as Hurricane Harvey and the Las Vegas shooting.

Why Phillip Mena is Loved by Viewers

Phillip Mena has become a popular co-anchor of Early Today because of his relatable and dynamic personality. He has a unique ability to connect with the audience through his storytelling and reporting, which has helped him gain a loyal following.

In addition, his extensive experience in the field of journalism adds credibility and expertise to the news he delivers.

The Future of Phillip Mena on Early Today

It is unclear what the future holds for Phillip Mena on Early Today. While he is currently still one of the anchors of the show, rumors of his absence have caused speculation among viewers.

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It is possible that Mena will return to co-anchor the show alongside Frances Rivera in the future. However, until an official statement is released, it remains uncertain whether he will continue as co-anchor of Early Today.

Stay tuned for official announcements from NBC News regarding Phillip Mena on Early Today.

What Can We Expect in the Future of Early Today?

Despite the rumors that have recently circulated about Phillip Mena, NBC has yet to release any official statement regarding his status as co-anchor of Early Today. As of now, the show is still anchored by Frances Rivera and Phillip Mena, and viewers can continue to expect the same level of high-quality and informative news coverage that the show has always provided.


Phillip Mena’s involvement with Early Today has been significant, and while there have been rumors about his current status with the show, his contributions have helped shape it into what it is today. As of 2022, Early Today is anchored by Frances Rivera and Phillip Mena.

Regardless of whether he remains on the show or not, Early Today will continue to offer viewers a valuable source of news and information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where was Philip Mena?

Philip Mena was born and raised in El Paso, Texas.

Who is Cori Coffin?

Cori Coffin is a Freelance Anchor who previously worked for NBC's Early Today program, among other news outlets.

What is the early morning show on NBC?

The early morning show on NBC is Today, which airs weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Who is Frances Rivera married to?

Frances Rivera is married to Stuart Fraass.

Is Phillip Mena still on Early Today?

I'm sorry, I don't have information on whether or not Phillip Mena is still on Early Today.

Is Phillip Mena Still on Early Today in 2023? | Men's Venture (2024)
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