7 RV Remodel Tips That Won’t Break the Bank (or Your Back!) | Outdoorsy.com (2024)

Updating and remodeling RVs are all the rage these days. It seems everyone is transforming RVs into tiny homes on wheels. And ultimately, it’s making RVing a lot more appealing for people who like the comforts of home while they travel. If you are currently renting out your RV or considering doing so, you may want to give your RV a little facelift and follow some easy RV remodel tips, especially if you’re having trouble finding renters.

You don’t have to do a complete overhaul, though, to make a huge difference in the look of your RV’s interior. An RV remodel doesn’t necessarily mean you have to completely gut and restore the entire inside. There are lots of small projects that you can do that will go a long way.

7 easy and affordable RV remodel tips:

  1. Paint, paint, paint
  2. Remove the wallpaper border
  3. Replace the furniture
  4. Add a backsplash in the kitchen
  5. Replace the valances with curtains
  6. Update the countertops
  7. Decorate

Rent out your remodel

Let’s dig into each of these remodel ideas a little more!

Tip #1: Paint, Paint, Paint

Everyone knows that painting can completely transform the look and feel of any home or space. This can make the biggest difference in creating a more spacious, cozy, and clean feel in your RV. See how it transformed the RV of YouTuber Wanderland Travelers below!

You can paint the cabinets and shelves, the walls, your dinette, and even the ceiling! White paint usually helps create a more clean and spacious feel, but a pop of color can go a long way too.

While this can be a bit of a project, there are ways to cut corners, such as purchasing chalk paint that doesn’t require sanding. Otherwise, it may be worth paying a professional to do it or renting proper equipment (spray gun) to help make the job a bit easier.

7 RV Remodel Tips That Won’t Break the Bank (or Your Back!) | Outdoorsy.com (1)
7 RV Remodel Tips That Won’t Break the Bank (or Your Back!) | Outdoorsy.com (2)

Tip #2: Remove the Wallpaper Border

This is the easiest of the RV remodel ideas that you can do to help update the interior of your rig. Wallpaper border is just simply outdated and has no use. A trick for easy removal is to spray the wallpaper with Goof Off and let it soak before pulling it off. You may need to use a razor to cut the border around the windows and a little elbow grease as well.

Tip #3: Replace the Furniture

If you have a new RV, chances are you have new furniture inside. Sofa covers can hide ugly prints and patterns, but if your RV still has the original furniture in it and it’s stained, faded, and torn, it’s time for a change before you rent it.

IKEA’s space-saving and lightweight furniture is the perfect solution. Futons are a great option since they can be used both as a couch and a bed.

7 RV Remodel Tips That Won’t Break the Bank (or Your Back!) | Outdoorsy.com (3)
7 RV Remodel Tips That Won’t Break the Bank (or Your Back!) | Outdoorsy.com (4)

Tip #4: Add Backsplash in the Kitchen

Have you seen the peel-n-stick backsplash sheets they have nowadays? We were amazed by how much they added to the overall look of the kitchen in our RV. The best part is that it only took us about an hour to put it up!

There are lots of different colors and patterns to match any color scheme and you can find them all over the internet or at any major hardware store. We haven’t had any problems with it peeling off the wall yet, so we’ve been super happy with the look and quality. See how easy it is to add pizzazz in the video below from TrailerLifeDIY.

Tip #5: Replace the Valances with Curtains

Pulling the valances down is a piece of cake and will just require unscrewing them from the walls and ceilings. You can then purchase fabric and simply cover them by using a staple gun. Only takes a few hours total! This is a great option if the blinds in the RV are still in great shape, but the valances just may have an ugly fabric on them.

You can also choose to do away with the valances altogether and put up curtains instead. Curtains are a great way to add a cozier look to the RV and can be great in the bedroom for added darkness. So, if you aren’t happy with the window coverings in your RV, try curtains instead.

7 RV Remodel Tips That Won’t Break the Bank (or Your Back!) | Outdoorsy.com (5)

While you may not find the right length you need, you can easily hem them. Don’t have a sewing machine? No problem! Use hem tape. All you have to do is cut the curtains to the length you need, leaving about an inch extra.

Then, go over the extra amount with the hem tape in between and iron over it. Hem tape is extremely affordable, durable, and much easier than sewing.

Tip #6: Update the Countertops

Since there typically aren’t very many countertops, it can be pretty affordable to replace them. But if you don’t want to take on that project, you can actually paint them! There’s a large variety of countertop paints out there — from granite to concrete and everything in between.

Just tape along the wall and around the faucets. I haven’t tried this myself, but have seen lots of DIY tutorials online.

Tip #7: Decorate

Don’t miss this simple, but extremely important step in remodeling your RV’s interior. But, it’s also important that you don’t go overboard. Sticker decals are great because you don’t have to worry about them falling while you travel.

Otherwise, lightweight photos and wall decor can be easily hung with command strips/hooks, and mounting putty. Adding throw pillows and blankets can help to create a warm, inviting environment as well.

7 RV Remodel Tips That Won’t Break the Bank (or Your Back!) | Outdoorsy.com (6)

I hope these RV remodel tips help you realize that you don’t have to take on huge projects to make your RV more attractive and desirable for renters. A little extra money and effort upfront can truly go a long way. Happy DIY’ing!

7 RV Remodel Tips That Won’t Break the Bank (or Your Back!) | Outdoorsy.com (2024)
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